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In 2019, we officially established our small, family-owned and operated farm in Loudoun County, Virginia. Cedar Lake Farm produces fresh eggs, cut flowers, and local honey. While not certified organic, we strive to farm organically and responsibly. Our free-range chickens are given lots of love and fed high-quality organic feed and garden scraps.

Ryan and I, husband and wife Cedar Lake Farm owners, both have backgrounds in farming and are from Western Loudoun. Ryan was born on his parent's peach farm, Sunshine Produce, in Purcellville VA. While my parents did not have a farm I grew up surrounded by farming. My grandfather and grandma Snyder raised cows, livestock, kept bees and made hay. My Grandma MaryEllen and Aunt Kathy introduced to me and cultivated my love for flowers. I spent my summers working in the vegetable garden with my Dad and great Uncle Bill. Uncle Bill sold vegetables  and managed a very large garden in Herndon VA where his father, Henry Moffett, had also farmed and worked as a blacksmith. We both treasure the knowledge and pride of farming that was passed down to us from our family.


In 2016, our lives were forever changed when our oldest daughter, Lily, was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL). While this season has been incredibly trying, good has also emerged. Our faithful family, friends, and community surrounded us with support as Lily fought hard through treatment, and by the grace of God she is thriving today!

Through this trial, our hearts and eyes have been opened to the value of time well spent, the importance of self-education and clean eating, and also to the need of a safe place for children in treatment and their siblings to play. 


We longed for Lily to have the normalcy of a playful environment as a critical part of her healing and emotional well-being during treatment, but found ourselves isolated and confined inside as we worried about germs in public places. Our amazing community stepped in to offer a private home playground and trampoline as well as a chance to interact with farm animals without fear of contracting a virus from others. We were blessed with these opportunities for Lily, but know that all families in treatment may not have similar resources. As Lily was nearing her end of treatment in 2018, God orchestrated our dream opportunity to buy a piece of property in Western Loudoun with lots of potential for farming. We took a leap of faith and Cedar Lake Farm has blossomed from there. A new chapter and a BLESSING! 

We want to pass down our farming knowledge to our children, raise them with an awareness of sustainability, and to teach them to value and respect the animals and earth God has created for us. We want to share this resource and knowledge with our community, friends and family. We also want to support local families affected by pediatric cancer by providing an uplifting and interactive outdoor environment that encourages play, faith, and love through farming and agriculture. 


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